Hi, I’m Alex! After playing Division 1 golf, I played professionally, but really thrived on the World Long Drive Association as one of the Top 10 longest women in the world. I still compete, but my focus is now on helping charities raise funds through Beat the Pro competitions at events, and helping other players learn to gain and control distance off the tee.

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I was out dancing last weekend in Dallas, TX, and in the middle of a two-step my dance partner stopped dead in his tracks absolutely stunned when I told him I was a professional golfer. It’s not a new response, most people don’t meet a professional golfer every day, especially not one in Daisy Dukes … Continue reading Minitouring

Hamstring Curls

In every compound movement there is a pushing and pulling motion. In the golf swing the right arm is pushing through impact while the left side is pulling. In the gym, it’s even easier to see this relationship, your quads are pushing weight up during a squat, but hamstrings pulling the weight during a deadlift. … Continue reading Hamstring Curls

Bosu Ball Squats

Competing in Long Drive is always a treat. The competition, definitely, but watching some of the longest hitters in the world put a good move on the ball is inspiring. Unfortunately, I wasn’t at the World Long Drive Competition this year, but I was able to watch it on TV and during the competition, I … Continue reading Bosu Ball Squats

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